• ‘Seduction and the Death Penalty: Roger Casement and Ulysses‘, IASIL, University College Cork, July 2016.
  • ‘Desire and the Death Penalty: Ulysses and 1916′, International James Joyce Symposium, IES London, June 2016.
  • ‘Nature and Law in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry and Prose’, Invited Research Talk, University of York, May 2016.
  • ‘‘Modernism and the Death Penalty’, Invited Research Talk, 20th Century and Contemporary Graduate Research Seminar, University of Cambridge, January 2016.
  • ‘Nothing in the world would save me from the gallows: O’Brien’s Shifting View of Capital Punishment’, ‘Metamorphoses: The Third International Flann O’Brien Conference’, Prague, September 2015
  • ‘Yeats and Lombroso’, ‘International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, York’, July 2015.
  • ‘Almost Criminal: Nature Before the Law in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry’, ‘Elizabeth Bishop’s Questions of Travel: 50 Years Later’, Sheffield, June 2015.
  • ‘Berryman and Muldoon’, ‘Berryman Centenary Conference’, Dublin, October 2014.
  • ‘Tweeting Dubliners’, ‘100 Dubliners’, London, November 2014.
  • ‘Modernism and Cosmology’, ‘European Network for Avant-garde and Modernist Studies’, Helsinki, August 2014.
  • ‘Animal Pain and Capital Punishment in Beckett’, ‘Reading Animals’, Sheffield, July 2014.
  • Dubliners 100: Research, Outreach, Public Engagement’, ‘International James Joyce Foundation Symposium’, Utrecht, June 2014
  •  ‘A Commodius Vicus of Recirculation’: Modernism, science, intertextuality’, ‘Modernist Studies Association’, August 2013.
  • ‘”Mulrennan spoke to him about universe and stars”: Joyce and Astronomy’: ‘James Joyce Summer School’, July 2013,.
  •  ‘Dear Mr. Yates’: Yeats, Eliot and Intertextuality, ‘Efface the Traces’ conference, April 2013.
  •  ‘Joyce, Intertextuality and Debt’, MLA Convention, January 2013.
  • ‘In this valley of dying stars’: Eliot’s Apocalyptic Cosmology’, Modernism, Christianity and Apocalypse, July 2012.
  •  ‘Interrogating Joyce’s Non-Fiction’, Panel, International James Joyce Symposium, June 2012.
  •  ‘Animal States in the Epiphanies: Joyce Between Fiction and Non-Fiction’, Outside His Jurisfiction: Interrogating  James Joyce’s Non-Fiction, March 2012.
  •  ‘Eliot’s Cosmology’, BAMS New Work Conference, December 2011.
  • ‘“Matrix of Surds”: The Astronomy of Chaos in Murphy’, Beckett: Out of the Archive, University of York, June 2011.
  • ‘“Serve, Serve” it sang, and it sang that all day’: James Joyce and John Berryman’, Joycean Literature: Fiction and     Poetry 1910-2010, Institute of English Studies, June 2011.
  • ‘Beyond the Spectrum: Spectroscopy in Finnegans Wake II.1’, Annual Conference of the British Society for Literature and Science, Northumbria University, April 2010. Also delivered in a revised form at the XXII International James Joyce Symposium, Charles University, Prague, June 2010.

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